TITAWIR is about the active processes that go into riding.  It’s about riding bikes and the thoughts you think along the way.  The act of riding/writing fosters reflection and makes some boring hours spent spinning away on two wheels go by just that little bit faster.

Let’s start over. I don’t mean to make riding bikes sound so shitty.  It’s positive really!  And like Newton’s Third Law, for every bike ride there is an equally powerful response born in the form of a free thought.  Be it another dumb joke or imaginative fantasy or just some deep, deep epiphany about how to perceive the world, riding offers a lot of time to think and some of these thoughts are well worth sharing.

TITAWIR encourages you, the reader, to get out and ride and think and write.  It’s a win-win scenario in which the healthy exploit of ripping around on your bike and processing a thought into a coherent and communicable idea becomes a sweet interdisciplinary practice.

Get out and see where your legs and mind will take you.



TITAWIR is down to celebrate the saddle time of others. If riding your bike and thinking about stuff is your thing, then reach out! Requirements are simple. Ride your bike. Log it using any sharable activity platform (such as Strava). Put a pretty bow on it by writing a short essay, the focus of which is the very thing you were thinking about on your ride. Submissions upon approval will be dropped in the TITAWIR feed to share with the beloved reader.

TITAWIR is also all about working with others to promote cycling, writing and the positive affects of thinking it through. If you’ve read something here and would like to post it elsewhere then head to the contact page.






I’m a lifer bike fanatic. I wrenched under the finest tutelage at Two Wheel Drive, an inveterate institution in the Albuquerque cycling scene and organized events, including the original Duke City Classic. The year 2010 saw a move to the plains of Inner Mongolia and a year off the bike. Itching to get back on two wheels, I relocated to Beijing and worked closely with Ines Brunn. Through her shop, Natooke, I organized rides and races to develop the urban cycling sub-culture. In 2012 I moved to Chengdu and for five years I was co-owner of a highly successful branch of Natooke as well as developed and launched Source Cycles, a boutique bamboo bike operation. I am an itinerant bike bum. Racing, touring, exploring, getting around or just random personal challenges by bike; It’s all cool with me.

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Got some thoughts floating around in your noodle that you’d like to share? Do you ride the shit out of your bike? Well, that’s all it takes. TITAWIR is about exploring and sharing, no pretenses. To contribute, read the above explanation of the requirements and be sure to use the contact form to submit your work for review.