Borrowing happiness from tomorrow

[This is a re-post of an older TITAWIR, pre-site-launch.  Been off the bike fighting a cold, which is far nicer than fighting a hangover because you don’t feel dumb as hell.]

Last night in a spirited assault on Family Mart, I drank a ton of beer. I can say I’m definitely feeling it so here’s a complete list of things and feelings I hate from drinking:

Cotton mouth and a morning after taste of stale beer; a general feeling of discomfort; a slight headache; a woozy stomach; sleeping in imagining that might help; the idea that I agreed to “just one more”; feeling regret; knowing at the time I knew I’d feel regret and didn’t give a shit; thinking I was funny; a shattered ego; finding the tattered remains of something you ate; the struggle to recall details of the night before; the moment you actually recall those details; realizing my body is a sacred vessel and I took a big poop in the middle of it and laughed; lethargy; exercising to appease a guilty conscious; an existential sense of dread; seeing the world like a Poe poem; hitting the point in the afternoon where you really feel it; knowing the feeling will end but feeling like it will never end; when your heart says, “I’m never drinking again” then your brain catches up and whispers, “you lying little bitch”.

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