I’ve been doing a regular ride in an area slated for destruction. On my most recent ride through the area the idea struck me: Why not run an unsanctioned race/ride through here? I’d thought about this before, a half dozen times over the years, always excited at the opportunity to introduce people to this wild corner of the city I enjoyed riding so much.

Now’s the chance, and it won’t last. I’ll be announcing a specific race date for December (workers in the area tell me it’ll be completely inaccessible come Chinese New Year). Expect roughly 10km of unkept dirt and about 15km of rolling, windy concrete country roads. There will be different routes depending on what kind of riding you want to sign up for. No prizes, just fun and a solid day out on the bike.

But what’s the point of having just one event looming on your calendar? To help get through the #offseason, I figured it’d be best to make a series of ride/races. There’s a few other races I’ve had in mind over the years and it seems like the perfect time to bring them to reality. What you can expect is more adventure, crummy weather, and good times. Plus a little competitive spirit.

Routes will be published in advance for riders to review. Expect a solid variety, including offroad, timed and plenty of hill climbing. Keep an eye out for an event coming January as well as one in February!

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