Change of plans

CDCX is a go tomorrow.  I have a firm understanding of the temporal nature of the area of the race.  I decided today to have one last crack at the route, to insure that there hadn’t been any large changes to the roads.  Alas, I was met with misfortune and discovered a key stretch has been barricaded behind a police checkpoint.  No go.

In the spirit of trying to wring every last bit of fun from the area, and give a few fellow riders the opportunity to experience this spot for themselves, I’ve decided to restructure the route.  It will still be broken up in a 50/50, dirt-to-tarmac, ratio.  The adjusted route will be much shorter, however, and require more laps.  Funny enough, it’s actually shaping up more like a CX race.

Finally, since the route is not the one originally posted, I will guide a ride-through of it.  This will keep people from getting turned around, when it comes time to rip it for real.  不见不散。

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