Nothing personal

Sometimes the things I think about then in turn choose to write about may seem a little course, grating and pointed in a way that might get you thinking “is he talking about me?” The short answer? Yes. The long answer? No, well, kind of, but not in the directed sort of way, rather more in a way that serves as a commentary.

Hopefully it’s apparent that the things I choose to write about are not just basic dissections of an odd stray thought but show some semblance of development, tested by the rigors of careful consideration and thorough mental planning. It’s in the former I toe the line of finding myself baselessly offensive, the former I hope to curate a story that although personal, draws attention inward on the basis of it’s relativity.

Like recognizing those things you do while riding in a group that makes you the asshole. In a bunch people easily tell you “hey stop, you’re being and ass and you’re going to get someone hurt”, but when reading some bogus hullabaloo on the internet before bedtime it can be less easy to take the kernel of truth and accuracy about a remark that both stimulates you to self-reflection and can be received in a hurtful way.

I’m not trying to be hurtful, just spirited. The majority of my ramblings, those with a negative tone in particular, usually are thought through by me, for me. It’s a way of peeling back that inedible topmost layer of the onion and saying “this is who you are, a befouler of breath, tasty when caramelized, bringer of tears, but an indispensable part of the diet.”

My point is not that I’m a tuber [I actually looked this up for the sake of factualness and an onion is not in fact a tuber, but rather a modified stem and layers of underground leaves], but someone who’s writing for my sake and your sake and intending to push buttons. Pushing buttons makes the world go round in a special way and with a bit of a sense of humor you might come to a brighter conclusion of yourself, see the world in a more humorous way or at least blow something up.

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