There’s one thing that gets me mad about riding. I think everyone that rides regularly understands it’s hard to regret a ride.  Every time I get out and get a glimpse of the world moving around me, I’m ok with it all.  There’s a lot of satisfaction (and escapism) in the experience of riding.

So often I’m inclined to pass up on an opportunity to ride.  Maybe it doesn’t fit my schedule, or I think it doesn’t.  Or I’m hungry.  Maybe I don’t know the route or my bike needs work or the weather is not 100%.  Who knows.

What I do know is this.  If I prevail against a condition preventing me from riding and go for a bike ride, I never find evidence to warrant the value of my consideration of said condition.  In short, I always enjoy the experience of going for a ride. Even more so if others are riding along.

And that’s what gets me mad.  Being aware that my sloth, or the hill at my doorstep, or a little drizzle, or lack of inspiration foiled my decision to go for a ride.  My choice to dwell on a ride, opt out, then realize after the fact I created a missed opportunity is horrible.

Point being, if there’s something you love doing, the lack of doing it will only make you hate the fact you didn’t do it and leave you wanting more. So act, damn it.

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