Pt. 5 – The Resurrection

I felt restored and pumped about the long downhill the day had on offer.It was a haul into the next town but after The Climb I felt like the master of my domain. It was raining but I didn’t mind.

I took a detour, climbing a short way up to make the first 20km of descent in an adjacent canyon. Quiet and peaceful it was a sweet reward. Down I went, flowing with the sounds of the water. I was feeling good and making a lot of dumb jokes to myself. See, the best part of riding alone is there’s no one to listen to you.

Down the road continued. The river was met with other rivers, all swollen with recent rains carrying different shades of color of earth from which they flowed.

After about 160km I stopped for a proper lunch with only about 40km left in the day. I checked the elevation and to my surprise I’d barely descend 2000m, putting The Climb all the more into perspective.

The day wrapped up pretty quick from there, descending further towards the hum of civilization, caught up in the traffic of people and things moving towards more people and things.


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