Puddle play

Nobody likes riding in the rain. Generally. That instant your socks soak through it becomes a battle morale. But if you’re riding in bad weather, it means you’re a badass. Period.

Outside being a badass here are a few other reasons ripping in the rain makes for a solid ride:

1) You still get a ride in. Nothing sucks more than missing out on a ride you’ve been looking forward to because it’s wet out. If you’re to compare being out on a dry ride where the weather goes South versus leaving when the weather has already gone South, there’s little difference. In neither case do you regret the decision to ride. In opting out, therein lies regret.

2) It’s easier to keep cool. Hot weather riding means more sweat which is the gross kind of wet. In warmer weather, rain keeps temperatures down. The inverse is also so with cold weather. Being cold and wet is undeniably miserable. This forces you to push a little harder, up your output and warm the hell up. E for extra effort.

3) It improves your handling skills. A quick slick road test is grabbing your rear brake and locking out to see the skid point. Once you got a feel for how slippery it is you can adjust your riding accordingly. Bonus points for those curveball slips where you feel one of your wheels start to go sideways but manage to stay upright.

4) Rain is something different. This one is a bit of an attitude flip. Where if the majority of your riding is spent in dry conditions the idea is that rain makes a ride less than ordinary. It makes it extraordinary.

5) Riding in the rain is just plain fun. The harder it rains, the better. Getting caught in a downpour turns your ride into a different kind of adventure. Dipping your toes in deep puddles, throwing a gnarly spray trail, and actively washing your bike while you ride are all fun perks.

Advice: You don’t always have to seek out rough weather riding but if you don’t allow it to regularly stymy your ride routine then that’s even better. Next time you got a ride planned and it starts pissing out, just shut up and go for it.


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