Straight illin’

This past week I managed to bag myself a lovely summer cold.  Nothing better than being sick as a dog when the season’s at its peak and you’re fighting off the chills while sweating it out in the heat and humidity.  But being sick isn’t all bad if you take care of yourself.

Coming down with a cold is your body’s way of telling you to chill the hell out, ease up on the reigns and treat yourself to a forced week of recovery.  So here’s how you can take the sniffles in stride:

1) 请喝开水. Please drink hot water.  Or any water.  The best environment for your body to fight off a cold is a well-hydrated one.  Take it as a chance to get your fluid balance just right and keep drinking (water).

2) Sleep a lot.  Make sure each night you get that full eight hours.  If you’re feeling groggy midday, make time for a nap.  Getting ample Z’s will aid in a hasty and complete recovery.

3) Watch what else you put in your body.  No need to booze or smoke.  Steer clear of junk food.  OJ is great for the vitamin C, but your body can only handle so much C and there’s a lot of sugar in most off-the-shelf OJ so try not to go overboard.

4) Waylay other items in your schedule to focus on the above three.  Don’t bother riding until your head’s clear because squeezing in a ride when you’re not well only creates the potential risk of taking longer to get better.

Your body usually knows what it wants better than you think you do.  Being forced to handle a cold using the above methods is actually the very thing you probably needed despite being sick; The sneezing and snot is just a tangible warning sign. So back it off, rest it out and try not to be surprised when you get back on the bike and besides a week passing, nothing’s changed.

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